1.will I get job with same pkg for 2 years exp in Hyderabad ???    

Hi sir, I am Priya having 2 years of experience in IT as java Developer worked in chennai with 6 L.P.A.I resigned and came out from the company in May and I thought to search for the job in Hyderabad.I got offer in company with 4.5 L.P.A for java Developer position which is less than previous salary.so I rejected offer and searching for some more jobs but after saying my previous package they are not considering me. 

2.In October My marriage was fixed will I try now for job or shell I try after marriage where I will get 6 months gap ?? 

  • Asked on 02 Sep 2018 18:56

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Hi Priya,

  6 months gap may be ok if you can use the time to improve your skills. As you know, salary is no longer decided by years of experience. It is decided based on what a company can pay or willing to pay for a specific position. It varies widely across companies.

Use the break time to get a job in a company that you will be happy to work with. Look for learning opportunities as well as salary.

Best wishes,