Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last Updated: 5th Sept 2017

Enterprise Users (Employers, Recruiters, Institute, Training Centres, Trainers etc)

  1. What all Tests can be conducted using NICEFIT Platform?
  2. Who creates the Tests for an Enterprise Account?

  3. What all anti-cheating measures are supported in NICEFIT Platform to ensure that online Test result is genuine and credible?

  4. How does NICEFIT prevent leakage of questions to the Test takers?

  5. How many candidates can take the same Test at the same time?

  6. What all types of Tests are supported in NICEFIT platform?

  7. Does NICEFIT platform support Tests created in regional languages?

Individual Users

  1. What is the difference between a Practice Test and an Assessment Test?

  2. Can I take the same Test twice?

  3. Can I see the correct answers for questions that I didn’t answer or got the answer incorrect?

  4. Can I create a Test myself?

  5. Can I take a Test from my mobile?

  6. Can I create a Test for private use?

  7. Can I pause a Test and come back to it and finish it later?

  8. What if I find a Test question where the ‘’correct answer” given is wrong. Can I report it?

  9. How do I give feedback on the portal to NICEFIT team and share my suggestions?

  10. How do I login to the portal if I forget my user id and password?