- Our Mission -

NICEFIT’s mission is to connect right people with the right jobs. NICEFIT was founded by Dr. Susanta Misra, former Director and Head of Motorola Software Center, Hyderabad in 2008. It has been actively involved in helping businesses find the right talent while helping talents find the right jobs. NICEFIT portal is designed and developed based on our accumulated experience in recruitment, learning and career research.

- Our Leadership Team -

At the helm of NICEFIT we have Dr. Susanta Misra and Manmohan Jain who have a combined 50+ years of experience between them in diverse technical and managerial roles.

Dr. Susanta Misra


Dr Susanta is best known for his unique abilities to find right people for right jobs. Before NICEFIT, he worked at Motorola for 17 years in various Technology, engineering and general management roles

Manmohan Jain


Manmohan is a people person. In his 18+ years at CA Technologies, besides his engineering and management roles he was recognised as a good mentor and regularly counselled people on their career path and career growth.